27 Aug 2012

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7UP Talkfest coming soon at Objectspace

7UP is a free talkfest for all with a stake in New Zealand's craft sector. It is a unique opportunity for makers, designers, students, teachers, collectors and organisations to learn about sector successes, stories and changes. 7UP includes evening talks and installations and concludes with sector leaders assessing our field, its wider environment and future. 7UP marks the completion of over seven years of programmed activity at Objectspace.

7UP runs from the 18th - 23rd June

In 2011 Creative New Zealand offered funding to Objectspace through its brand new Arts Leadership Programme for our presentation and publishing programmes. Objectspace is the only organisation operating in our sector that receives Arts Leadership Programme funding, which is a recognition of its key role in the sector. Our purpose is to position making - principally in the fields of craft, applied arts and design - within a range of cultural, economic and social frameworks in order to provoke new assessments about the making, functioning and value of works and practices.

7UP is an opportunity to discuss issues and opportunities within the wider current environment and their impact for Objectspace and the rest of the New Zealand craft sector. Objectspace has organised a great line up of speakers including: Brian Parkes (AUS), Douglas Lloyd-Jenkins, Warwick Freeman, Linda Tyler, Deborah Crowe, Emma Ward (CNZ) and Tim Walker.

More information including a full programme at the Objectspace website

Title: 7UP Talkfest coming soon at Objectspace
Venue: Objectspace, 8 Ponsonby Rd, Auckland
Date: 18 June 2012