02 Mar 2012

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New funding programmes for multi year arts investment

Creative New Zealand will introduce two new and complementary multi-year funding programmes from January 2012 to provide more clarity, stability and flexibility in the way it funds arts organisations and artists.

Establishment of the new Arts Leadership Investment (Toi Tōtara Haemata) and Arts Development Investment (Toi Uru Kahikatea) programmes were recommendations from Creative New Zealand’s review of Recurrently Funded Organisations (RFOs).

The new programmes will replace the existing Recurrent Funding Programme and the contestable Arts Investment and Sector Investment Programmes.

“The new programmes will encourage arts organisations and artists to work collaboratively and take a sector-wide view of arts development,” said Arts Council of New Zealand Chair Alastair Carruthers.

“Creative New Zealand will continue to support well-run and innovative organisations that provide leadership in the arts and professional development for artists.These organisations must achieve the highest possible standards with careful use of resources,” Mr Carruthers said.

“We want to direct our support so talented artists succeed – rather than simply survive – and so NewZealanders can enjoy a diverse range of high-quality art in the future.

“It’s also important to make room for new arts organisations to be supported through our multi-year investments.”

The new programmes will give greater clarity to Creative New Zealand’s investment priorities and take into account support provided by central or local government and by the private sector.“We will continue our dialogue with local authorities about our shared investment in arts organisations in their communities,” MrCarruthers said.


New Investment Programmes

  • The Arts Leadership Investment (Toi Tōtara Haemata) programme will provide support for between two and five years to well-run, financially sound organisations that fulfil a key role or roles in the creation, presentation and distribution of high-quality arts experiences to New Zealanders.The previous Recurrent Funding Programme supported one to three year recurring investments and has been closed to new entrants since 2007.In the new programme Creative New Zealand has in some instances indicated the minimum or maximum number of organisations that can be supported in an area of arts practice.
  • The Arts Development Investment (Toi Uru Kahikatea) programme will complement arts leadership investments by offering greater flexibility in the range of activities it supports.Funding will be available for periods from six months to two years for arts organisation, groups and individuals and applicants will not need to fulfil a key role.

Please see the Guide to the Arts Leadership Investment programme and Call for Expressions of Interest for a description of both programmes.


Feasibility Studies

The review identified two gaps in New Zealand’s;arts infrastructure.During 2010-11 Creative New Zealand will undertake feasibility work into:

  • A management company for dance and theatre companies, including Māori and Pasifika dance and theatre, to provide shared, cost-effective management and audience development services for smaller independent companies.
  • A Pasifika arts development organisation to coordinate and provide capability building for Pasifika artists across a range of arts practice and to develop new audiences for Pasifika arts and artists.

Capability Building and Incentive Funding

The arts sector has identified an ongoing need for skills development and Creative New Zealand will work to enhance its existing capability building programmes to ensure they meet the needs of both emerging and established arts organisations.

Creative New Zealand will also look at ways to offer incentives for artists and arts organisations to collaborate on projects, such as the commissioning and presentation of new work or to provide support for young and emerging artists.


Next Steps

Creative New Zealand is calling for Expressions of Interest in the Arts Leadership Investment programme from arts organisations with a potential to fulfil a key role or roles, and which meet the eligibility and assessment criteria, by 20 September 2010.

In October and November 2010, Expressions of Interest will be assessed and recommendations made to TeWaka Toi and the Arts Board.Organisations will be advised in December 2010 whether they are able to progress to the next stage, which will include the preparation of an indicative programme and budget for the period 2012-2014, by May 2011.

In some instances more than one organisation may be asked to develop an indicative programme and budget for the same key role.

Applications for the new Arts Development Investment programme will be considered alongside the indicative programmes and budgets for the Arts Leadership Investment programme.Organisations will be advised of funding decisions for both programmes in August 2011.