29 Nov 2011

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Event for worlds best in modern and traditional tattoo art

This annual event has been credited with stimulating the revival of traditional tattoo techniques. For many its the first time theyve seen authentic Ta Moko and Tatau.

New Zealand’s premier tattoo event, Auckland International Tattoo Convention, once again plays host to more than 60 of the world’s biggest names in tattoo art and performance.

The artists include renowned Tatau masters from Samoa, the Suluape family, and tattoo artist, performer and world’s most tattooed man, Lucky Diamond Rich.  The fifth Auckland International Tattoo Convention celebrates the intersection of global tattoo culture and the Pacific’s rich tradition of Ta Moko and Tatau.

Artists from England, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Samoa, Tahiti, Tonga, USA and all over New Zealand will design and execute tattoos for the public at the convention, including traditional Ta Moko and Tatau by hand tools. The event also features a packed schedule of entertainment, including DJs, artwork, and Polynesian dance. 

Event spokesperson Pip Russell said,

“New Zealand’s tattoo culture is unique. Like many other countries, we’ve seen a massive interest in Western tattoo art and styles over the last 15 years and we’ve grown a thriving industry of studios and great artists. But New Zealand is also home to a rich tradition of Ta Moko and on the doorstep of Polynesian Tatau, which are both enjoying well deserved revivals. When it come to tattoo art, New Zealand has best of all worlds and we want to celebrate that.”

Russell goes on to explain the role of the bi-annual the resurgence of Ta Moko and Tatau.

“When we launched the convention in 1999, the customary Polynesian tattoo techniques were still underground. There were only a handful of Ta Moko and Tatau artists, scattered across the Pacific, who were holding onto their traditions. But we bought the best of those artists together, along with their counterparts in western tattooing, and we showed New Zealand what amazing traditional art was like" she says,

"for most people, it was the first time they had seen Ta Moko and Tatau done properly. Ta Moko and Tatau have enjoyed a huge revival since then, and we’re really proud that the convention has helped with that”.

Entertainment at the event includes the Kalia dance troupe from Tonga, and some of Aucklands finest DJs including Slave, Cian (Conch) and Bobby Brazuka (Conch). A pop-up salon by Teaser Hair Lounge will provide 1950’s style hair dos. 

Also included in the event is New Zealand’s only display of tattoo art exhibition “Death” on its world tour from Canada. The exhibition shows a series of artwork from around the world, examining the death of 'traditional western tattoo design' and its rebirth as ‘fine art’.

The Auckland International Tattoo Convention is presented by Ta Moko Tatau Tattoo Trust.

Title: Auckland International Tattoo Convention
Venue: Pavillion 3, ASB Showgrounds, Auckland
Date: 26 November 2011
Info: http://www.aucklandtattoocon.co.nz