17 Dec 2010

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2011 Mentor Programme The New Zealand Society of Authors

Helping new writers develop their skills

The programme is designed tohelp new and emerging writersdevelop skills that will sustain them throughout their future writing careers.

Working on a specific project, successful applicants will getan opportunity to discuss ideas and problems, practical and editorial advice, and benefit from the experience of published writers.

One-on-one tuition with a mentor

There are 15 full mentorships available. These are for a maximum of 20 hours one-on-one tuition withone of New Zealand’s most experienced authors, editors or creative writing tutors. Applicants also have the option of suggesting a mentor of their choice.The estimated value of each mentorship is $1,100.

There are also two half-mentorships of 10 hours each available, whichare available for work – such as picture book texts or poetry – that is deemed not to require a full mentorship.

Mentorships will run until December 2011.

Eligibility criteria for applying

Applicants are expected to have some publishing record – a few stories, or non-fiction articles, for instance – or to have attended creative writing courses, so they are aware of the basics of writing. They should also have a substantial work-in-progress in any literary genre.

How to apply

For information and an application form:

email office@nzauthors.org.nz

visit www.authors.org.nz

Applications incur a $20 application fee.

Deadline: 28 February 2011 (please note that the usual deadline has been brought forward to this date).