23 Feb 2011

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Creative New Zealand response to Canterbury earthquake

Creative New Zealand expresses its deepest sympathies to the people of Canterbury following yesterday’s devastating earthquake.

The immediate priority for all New Zealanders is the search and rescue operation and to support the many people who have suffered great personal tragedy and loss.

Creative New Zealand will be working to support the arts community in Canterbury and hopes to have a clearer picture of the overall impact of the earthquake in the coming weeks and months.  We appreciate that this will take time and we will work alongside the community as they assess their losses.

Creative New Zealand’s Christchurch office

While Creative New Zealand’s Christchurch based staff were not injured during the earthquake our central city office is closed until further notice.

Support for Creative New Zealand clients

Creative New Zealand provided financial support to clients affected by the September 2010 earthquake.  We will respond to requests for assistance resulting from this event as we are able to establish how our clients are affected and their needs.

Funding Rounds

Arts Grants (deadline March 4 2011): Applicants from Christchurch affected by the earthquake who require an extension please contact Rachel Driscoll on rachel.driscoll@creativenz.govt.nz or 04 473 0184.

Quick Response Grants (deadline February 4 2011): These will continue to be processed however individuals or organisations affected by the earthquake who wish to defer their activity should contact Cath Cardiff on cath.cardiff@creativenz.govt.nz or 04 473 0329.

Closing date extensions for applicants from Christchurch or directly affected by the earthquake

Creative New Zealand understands that the Canterbury earthquake on Tuesday 22 February will affect some people’s ability to meet upcoming closing dates for contestable funding.

What to do if you need an extension
People who have been affected by the earthquake and who require an extension please contact Rachel Driscoll on rachel.driscoll@creativenz.govt.nz or (04) 473 0184.  We will work with you to provide an extension or an alternative means to submit your application.

What to do if some parts of your application cannot be completed
We have set up process to manage situations where some elements of an application are unable to be completed due to the earthquake, for example letters of support or confirmation of Christchurch venues. 

Please submit all completed sections of your application and proposal by the closing date and also contact Rachel Driscoll on rachel.driscoll@creativenz.govt.nz or (04) 473 0184.  She will provide you with a reference number so that support material that arrives after the closing date can be matched with your application.  It will be important that material arriving after the closing date is clearly marked with the reference number so it can be correctly matched.

Disruption to mail and courier services
Anyone who is concerned about the disruption to mail and courier services in Canterbury and how this will affect submitting their application should also contact Rachel Driscoll at rachel.driscoll@creativenz.govt.nz or (04) 473 0184.  We advise keeping a full copy of the application, keeping a receipt of the postage and where possible sending applications on a traceable delivery service.

Following is a list of contacts for artists and arts organisations:

Recurrently Funded Organisations

If you wish to provide information about how you have been affected please contact:

Contestable Funding

Artists and arts organisations with questions about their funding please contact:

Creative Communities Scheme