19 Jun 2009

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Dont Pacify Me Artists Demarcate their Pacific Existence

The ‘Don’t Pacify Me’ exhibition opens on 25 June and runs until 10 July.

Cutting-edge works with a strong sense of identity will be the focus of the upcoming exhibition ‘Don’t Pacify Me’ at St Paul St Gallery (School of Art & Design, AUT) in Auckland city.

Presented by Tautai Contemporary Pacific Arts Trust, the exhibition brings together an impressive roll call of eighteen senior Pacific students from five Auckland art schools.

Curator Charmaine ‘Ilaiu, a young Tongan graduate architect, has selected work by art students from Auckland University of Technology (AUT), Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT), Unitec, the University of Auckland and Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design.

Curating the show has turned out to be a unique opportunity for Charmaine to explore the current condition and direction of contemporary Pacific art.

Explored through painting, photography, moving image, sculpture, design and installation, ‘Don’t Pacify Me’ presents “a wider palette than what is currently understood thematically and to some extent, aesthetically, as Pacific art,” explains Charmaine.

“Their loaded messages implore us not to make assumptions but first give them space to demarcate an artistic existence that is then to be reckoned with”, says Charmaine.

For AUT’s St Paul St Gallery, one of the leading university galleries in New Zealand, Pacific art is having a growing presence in their programme and they have dedicated their Gallery One and Two spaces for the exhibition.

The exhibition also ties in with Tautai Trust’s ongoing objectives to support young artists.

“Our aim has been to provide students with an opportunity to gather together and form broader support networks with their peers. It also introduces them to the wider Tautai community and networks,” says Tautai manager, Christina Jeffery.

‘Don’t Pacify Me’
Curated by Charmaine ‘Ilaiu

Presented by Tautai Contemporary Pacific Arts Trust

Exhibition dates: 25 June – 10 July 2009
Opening: Thursday 25 June, 5:30pm to 7:30pm
Artist Floor talk: Saturday 27 June, 1pm – 3pm
Gallery opening hours: Tuesday to Friday: 10am to 5pm,
Saturday: 12pm to 4pm
Where: St Paul St Gallery, 40 St Paul St, Auckland Central
Website: www.stpaulst.aut.ac.nz

Artists in the exhibition

Samantha Atasani
Petelo Esekielu
Vaimoana Eves
Penitoa Finau
Claudia Jowitt
Jeremy Leatinu’u
Pelenato Liufau
Cerisse Palalagi
Victoria Patea
Ahilapalapa Rands
Paula Schaafhausen
Siliga David Setoga
David Yenzhi Sun
Metuanooroa Tapuni
Ane Tonga
Kalisolaite ‘Uhila
Mele Mafile’o ‘Uhamaka
Amanda Warwick

For further information, please contact:

Christina Jeffery, Manager, Tautai Contemporary Pacific Arts Trust
T: 021 373 402

E: manager@tautai.org

W: www.tautai.org

Catherine Garet, St Paul St Gallery, AUT
T: 09 921 9999 ext 8313, E: catherine.garet@aut.ac.nz

W: www.stpaulst.aut.ac.nz