16 Feb 2016

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New database of Pacific heritage arts knowledge holders now available

A database of more than 650 knowledge-holders of Pacific heritage artforms is now available for people wanting to learn, preserve and pass on knowledge and skills.

Creative New Zealand funded a project to identify, record and map New Zealand-based knowledge-holders across the major Island groups of Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Niue, Samoa, Tokelau, Tonga and Tuvalu.

Knowledge-holders of Pacific heritage arts include individual community-recognised elders, tufugaPulotu, ta’unga, master craftspeople and cultural leaders.

Pacific heritage arts are activities that are passed from one generation to the next. The range of heritage arts practices across Pacific Island groups can include the following, each with its own tradition:

  • Heritage material arts: siapo / tapa making, weaving, costume making, carving, ie toga (fine mats), tīvaevae / tifaifai, tattoo
  • Heritage performing arts: dance (eg, siva, ura, takalo), singing (eg, pese, imene, lologo tapu), music-making (eg, rutu pa’u, fasi lologo), satirical play-acting, comedy (fale aitu)
  • Heritage language-based arts: oratory skills, genealogy

The Pacific Heritage Art Database, with the names of knowledge holders and their skills, is available on the Creative New Zealand website. Those wanting to work with the knowledge holders are invited to contact Creative New Zealand so their request and details can be passed to the knowledge holder.

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