27 Jan 2011

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ARTSPACE—preview of the first half of 2011

2011 is an exciting time at ARTSPACE with a new Director to be announced in February and a dynamic line up for the next six months ahead…


Artspace_year_ahead-2Jim Allen, Contact

5 March – 21 April

In 1974 Jim Allen presented the performance Contact. Contact signalled the development of a new radical art form in this country, moving away from the static sculptures into live action. In March as part of The Auckland festival and ‘White Night’ Contact will be re-performed at Artspace. At its core Contact speaks about a release from social alienation through collective activity—literally ‘making contact’. The three performances will run over three Saturdays and use the interplay of bodies, movement, form, paint, sound and light to strive for transcendence.


Roman Mitch, Curatorial Intern Exhibition 2011

6 May - 12 June

ARTSPACE 2011 curatorial Intern Roman Mitch presents an experimental approach to curating by bringing a group of artists together to work in a collaborative way. This extensive exhibition is the culmination of his Curatorial Internship at Artspace. Each year since 2004 the Artspace internship offers budding curators a unique opportunity to learn in a mentored relationship with the Director at one of New Zealand’s leading contemporary art galleries.


Dane Mitchell, Radiant Matter

1 July – 12 August

Dane Mitchell is a New Zealand artist taking on the international circuit. He recently completed the coveted DAAD Fellowship in Berlin; his work was featured in the 2010 Gwangju Biennale and will be included in the 2011 Singapore Biennale. At ARTSPACE he presents part three of Radiant matter continuing his exploration into perfume and the ‘vaporous’, the state of suspension or in-between poetic potential of liquids, gases and solids. In the past he has collaborated with French perfume maker Michel Roudnitska to develop synthetic scents such as that of an empty room, an open space and the scent of rain. Mitchell will push these possibilities further for his exhibition at Artspace.