20 Feb 2014

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New Zealands got screen writing talent

A major search begins this week for New Zealand's undiscovered writing talent.

Big Break is a new initiative launched today by film company Libertine Pictures. It's an open invitation to all writers to pitch their movie ideas and writing talent, and a rare opportunity for unknown writers to get their ideas into development and made into films.

"We're looking for the writer of New Zealand's next great movie," says Libertine Pictures joint managing director Richard Fletcher.

"We want to hear from any writer who thinks they could write that movie, whatever their experience or whatever kind of story they want to tell. If we think their film idea has potential, we'll develop their script with them, with a view to putting it into production."

Libertine Pictures was formed last year by internationally-experienced film-makers, with backing from the New Zealand Film Commission, to produce feature film and television for audiences here and internationally.

Big Break asks writers to submit a film idea, with a synopsis and sample pages of script.

"It's a tremendous opportunity for talented new writers to get a break," says Richard Fletcher.

"New Zealand has a wealth of writing talent -- the many outstanding New Zealand films to date are proof of that.

"Some of New Zealand's great script writers are already writing but are yet to be discovered; for one reason or another they have not yet had the break they need. We want to find those writers and make some great films.

Richard Fletcher says Libertine Pictures has films in development with established writers, and hopes other writers with film credits will take part in Big Break also.

"But we do think there's an untapped pool of talent out there and hope we'll get to see some of that with this open call.

"We're looking for any writer with a passion for storytelling and a story they want to tell in the next great New Zealand movie. We're looking forward to seeing a range of genres and styles -- from thriller to romantic comedy, adventure to drama, or even something we've never seen before. "

For more information about Big Break, including how writers take part, visit http://www.libertinepictures.com/big-break

If you would like to interview Richard Fletcher, you can contact him directly on 04 282 0057 or 021 655 339 or by email at richard@libertinepictures.com

About Libertine Pictures

Libertine Pictures was formed in 2013 to bring together exceptional creative talent to make film and television that excites audiences around the world.

Along with the experience of its founders, producers Richard Fletcher and Paul Davis and writer Neil Cross, the company is distinguished by its partnerships with practitioners across the industry. This brings their expertise together with  the talents of leading filmmakers and distribution and sales professionals here and overseas.

Joint-managing director Richard Fletcher is a film executive with considerable production, film-financing and co-production experience on films including Boy, Under the Mountain, In My Father's Den and River Queen. He is currently co-president of SPADA (Screen Production and Development Association).

Joint Managing Director Paul Davies has been involved in international film sales and marketing since 1984. He is an experienced film marketer and producer, with credits including Sione’s Wedding, The Tattooist, We’re Here to Help, My Wedding and Other Secrets, Sione’s 2: Unfinished Business and The Last Ocean.

Creative Director Neil Cross is an internationally-acclaimed screenwriter and novelist, whose work includes the multi-award-winning BBC crime thriller Luther, starring Idris Elba, the international hit film Mama, and the BBC spy drama Spooks. Neil is based in New Zealand and writes for the screen in both Britain and the United States.

For more information visit: http://www.libertinepictures.com/about/