16 Sep 2010

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Mayor Urges Public To Vote   For Sculptures

Mayor Michael Laws is urging the people of Wanganui to get out and vote next week - for their favourite sculpture as part of the inaugural Sculpture Wanganui event.

Four sculptures have been sited along the riverbank between Dublin Street Bridge and Plymouth Street for the next two weeks. The works by leading artists Daniel Clifford, Matt Pine, Mikel Durel and Paul Dibble were chosen from 12 entries for the competition.

"Weve now got four amazing and unique sculptures on the banks of the Whanganui River," says Mayor Michael. "This is something new for Wanganui and is the beginning of a renaissance era in contemporary public art for the city and the waterfront."

"The riverfront walkway is a real asset for the city. For the next few weeks the area has been enhanced by these four individual works, which have already piqued peoples interest.

"In addition to a $50,000 first prize for the winning sculpture, chosen by independent judge Rob Garrett, we want the people of Wanganui to decide which their favourite sculpture is by selecting their Peoples Choice.

"Thats what public art is all about - getting the public to make their own decisions on what is, for them, good art."

The winner of the Peoples Choice award will receive $25,000, provided by the Powerco Wanganui Trust.

Voting forms are printed in the Wanganui Chronicle on Tuesday, September 21, and Thursday, 23, and in the free Midweek newspaper on September 22. Voting forms need to be returned by 5.00pm on Friday, September 24.

Forms can be returned to the Davis Library, Gonville Café Library, the Sarjeant Gallery, Wanganui Veterinary Services at 35 Somme Parade and to the councils Municipal Building at 101 Guyton Street.

The winner of the Powerco Wanganui Trust Peoples Choice award will be announced at a private ceremony at the Sarjeant Gallery on Saturday, September 25.