15 May 2012

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Literary Residency opportunities in China and India

The M Literary Residency Programme has been established to disseminate a broader
knowledge of contemporary life and writing in India and China today and to foster deeper intellectual, cultural and artistic links across individuals and communities.

The intent of the residency is to provide space and time primarily for writing and locationspecific research. It is not to be used as base for travel in order to undertake research
further afield.


Applicants may apply for ONE of two M Literary Residencies:

Bangalore, India
A three-month residency at Sangam House, in a rural setting near Bangalore, South
India from late 2013 to early 2014.

Shanghai, China
A three-month residency in Shanghai. The residency must be taken up before March
1st, 2014


  • The applicant does not need to be a published author - unpublished writers are welcome to apply
  • There are no nationality restrictions for applications. However, applicants should be over 21 years old and be writing in English
  • Applications will be accepted in the following genres only: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, dramatic prose
  • Past applicants are welcome to reapply

Read the guidelines and application form for more information.