20 Mar 2013

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New Zealand art gets major crowdfunding boost

Boosted announces launch date and Entrepreneur Derek Handley as Chairman

Boosted, the Arts Foundation’s crowdfunding website, is set to launch on Thursday 21st March and will provide an exciting new way for New Zealanders to engage in the arts.

Boosted will go live with a number of projects, which include; a public art work project from Christchurch Art Gallery, The Juniper Passion - New Zealand’s first ANZAC Opera, video game designs by Tanya Jade[Misery], sculptural installations at Sarjeant Gallery and Corbans Estate Arts Centre, several new documentaries, and APRA Silver Scroll nominated band Five Mile Town raising funds to complete their debut album.

Boosted is also announcing Derek Handley as Chariman of Boosted’s Board of Directors and the establishment of an advisory board including; Vaughn Davis, social media commentator and Creative director of the Goat Farm; Brani Mead, former Director of the Hyperfactory; and TV Personality Brooke Howard-Smith.

Handley is the co-founder of the recently NZAX-listed Snakk Media, global mobile marketing company the Hyperfactory, and global business initiative the BTeam, which is a partnership with Sir Richard Branson and the Puma Chairman Jochen Zeitz. Handley brings an unparalleled level of experience to Boosted.

“Boosted is a new phenomenon in fundraising for the arts in New Zealand and an exciting development for the Arts Foundation, New Zealand’s leading arts philanthropy organisation. I am enjoying applying my experience of growing future-focussed, hi-growth technology companies to an exciting non-profit arts initiative like Boosted, which will help activate philanthropy for the digital generation” said Handley.

Crowdfunding took off in the United States over three years ago and has raised hundreds of millions for creative projects worldwide. Like other crowdfundign sites, Boosted will publish arts projects on its website with a fundraising goal and a timeframe to achieve this target. People are invited to pledge an amount that suits them, from as little as $5.

“Crowdfunding creates an exciting philanthropic environment that everyone can participate in”, said Renee Tanner, Boosted Manager.

Boosted offers some innovative differences to other crowdfunding websites. Most notably, all donations to successful projects will qualify for a tax rebate of 33%. This is because all donations will be made to the Arts Foundation for pre-approved projects.

“By getting behind the projects, the Arts Foundation expects to increase donors’ confidence in supporting the arts”, said Tanner. “It also provides a solution for New Zealand arts projects that struggle with the idea of asking for money. The culture of the site is about collectively growing the arts in New Zealand by contributing to projects, not trading rewards or making a plea for support”.

Boosted Manager, Renee Tanner is excited by the imminent launch of a project she has worked so passionately on for the past year.

“Perhaps the most exciting outcome of crowdfunding is its potential to create cultural change. Artists who are successful in using crowdfunding will have new encouragement to articulate their vision, based on their personal aspirations as artists. Audiences will have a new way of participating in the arts as investors in the creative process. The Arts Foundation will encourage artists to establish crowdfunding campaigns at different stages of their artistic process. This will provide new experiences for audiences and an invigorated community around the arts. Crowdfunding is a revolution. It is about empowering artists to inspire people to join their endeavours and we invite everyone to get involved!” added Tanner.

Boosted projects represent disciplines across the arts spectrum, from film to performance, to dance, publishing, sculpture and visual arts.

The New Zealand population is one of the most philanthropic in the world. When measured as a percentage of GDP, New Zealand is second only to the United States for giving to charity. Boosted opens the arts to New Zealander’s generosity and will provide a significant boost to the sector.

Boosted would like to thank its own supporters, who through their generosity have ensured the successful launch of this exciting initiative. These organisations include The Lion Foundation, core funders to the project; Strategy: Design & Advertising, Auckland who created the brand design and NV Interactive who developed the website; Cathy Campbell Communications, Stem Creative, Macquarie Private Wealth New Zealand and Jaguar New Zealand, companies that have donated their time and industry leading skills to bring the brand to life, and to ensure the Boosted platform delivers from day one.