17 Jan 2012

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Curated arts programme at Splore 2012

content_sploreSplore 2012 will present another diverse programme of visual arts. Curated by Mark Osborne this year's festival is sure to engage the audience in fresh and fun ways. Expect a shift in thinking as Splore 2012 presents the programme across the whole Splore experience from the front entrance to the camping and festival site.

After several years of dreaming and around a year of negotiation and planning, Splore 2012 will feature a temporary structure from British public arts curator, Emma Underhill. She will collaborate with arts group Cut Collective and architect Jasper Middleton on 'Portavilion Splore 2012'.

'Portavilon Splore 2012' is a continuation of Underhill's Portavilion series that takes place in London's public spaces and explores the possibilities for temporary, large scale public art that engages the community and encourages participation.

Supported by British Council and Creative NZ, the project is a new move from Festival Director Amanda Wright to have international collaborations as part of the Splore programme.

"Underhill has done several brilliant public art projects in London parks and public spaces as well as the legendary Glastonbury festival and to have her collaborating with Cut Collective and architect Jasper Middleton on this project at Splore this summer brings the next level of innovation to the festival" says Wright. Cut Collective and Middleton produced an outstanding sculptural installation for Splore 2010 and this opportunity to work with Underhill and Splore to create a functional space that reflects Cut Collective and Middleton's concept is an opportunity to experiment and extend the groups arts practice.

Portavilion Splore 2012 will be the venue for a number of performances, community participation artworks and workshops for the audience to become immersed in during the festival. This project is an extension of the arts programme which includes an exciting blend of NZ's established and emerging artists and designers.

More art at Splore:

Christian Nicolson

Christian Nicolson returns this year with "I better explain myself". This is the fantasy world of a young boy. This piece uses well used characters, snippets from fairy tales and remembered imagery from the day before yesterday.

Ben Ku

Ben Upton Kemp is presenting "Windows". The work is based on the concept that if our eyes are the windows to our souls then the television is the window of the times. There will be approximately 24 televisions running on four separate channels. The 1st channel will run images of beautiful beaches and landscapes and the 2nd will run static to symbolise the birth of the universe. The 3rd channel will show people's faces interacting with themselves as if they are trapped within the screen and have grown to like it and the last will have a direct feed to the festival close to the display.

Sense Collective

Sense Collective will present Move - a full emersion interdisciplinary performance art experience where the audience is taken on a visceral journey through time and space. Sense Collective is a Trans Tasman interdisciplinary collaborative trio. Twins, Richard and Rebecca Swan, have an uncanny creative intuition and Charlotte Rose is long time friend and collaborator. She has composed works in response to Rebecca's images, performing this original work at the opening of Assume Nothing at The New Dowse. Move is designed to move the audience, physically, emotionally and energetically. Its impact is sensory, not intellectual, elevating people's experience of well being and connection to each other.

Marin Horspool

Marin Horspool Is returning with Splore Bot 1 who thrilled viewers at Splore 2010. This year he will be bringing his wife Slore Bot 2 for her first visit to the festival.

The Letting Space with Julian Priest

Wellington based The Letting Space are working with Julian Priest to present "Free of Charge", a personal grounding experience for the audience. This will take place at several sites throughout the festival.

Rhonda Menschen

Rhonda Menschen presents the Temple of Light and Darkness-a geometric structure pulses multi-coloured behind the silhouettes of night-time trees. As you draw closer, an entrance makes itself apparent and you cross the threshold. Inside, heavy, intoxicating incense hangs in the air, and the still forms of other party goers sit in repose behind diaphanous partitions, each bathing in a differently hued and scintillating field of light.

Rhonda Menschen's Temple of Light and Darkness uses energy efficient led lighting, new age rhetoric, and a bit of good old fashioned suggestion to guide participants through a light-hearted, and mind-expanding immersive experience. Rhonda will cleanse and energise party goers' light bodies in preparation for the 2012 global ascension, or on the other hand, perhaps she will just give them something pretty to look at while they a take some time out from the dance floor. Using colour and light as metaphors, Rhonda will urge participants to connect with and joyously express their best and brightest qualities.

Confirmed artists presenting at Splore 2012: Emma Emma Underhill (UK) from Up Projects and Cut Collective, Kirsty McDonald and Stephen Woodward, Serena Stevenson, Christian Nicolson, Hamish Bartle, Ashley Turner, Ben Ku, Sense Collective, Martin Horsplool, Julian Priest, Sopjie Jerram, Mark Amery, Morgan Mardell, Aaron McConchie, The splore trust, Rhonda Menschen, Hemish Bartle, Donna Sarten and Nigeal Scanlon.

About Splore

Splore is a festival experience like no other festival in New Zealand and is now firmly planted on the international entertainment circuit. As well as music performances Splore 2012 will include a curated visual arts programme, an eclectic line up of performing arts, a family zone and plenty of engaging projects that will delight and surprise the audience. Additionally, delicious food vendors, market stalls and fully licensed bars are also set up on site for audience convenience.

Staged at the stunning Tapapakanga Regional Park, the beach front location is sublime and is designed for the audience to camp in many forms on site for a fully immersive three days. Camping is included in the ticket price, unless you choose to upgrade to a reserved camping spot or campervan, or want a taste of glamorous camping (known as Glamping) for an additional price.

Experience Splore - 17-19 February 2012, Tapapakanga Regional Park, one hour (70km) south east of Auckland city.