31 Jan 2011

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Auckland Regional Parks Artist in Residence 2011

make art hereAims of Auckland Regional Parks Artist in Residence programme

The aims of this residency are to:

  • provide places for artists to live; in settings and surroundings likely to stimulate creative work
  • encourage and support artistic endeavours in, on and about our parks
  • interpret to park visitors aspects of our parks via art
  • raise awareness of our regional parks – as places of interest and inspiration.

Who is eligible?

We seek self-sufficient, established or emerging artists with an interest in or empathy for the natural environment. Artists need to have a proven exhibition/performance record. This residency is for the creation of new site specific work (not for completing artists own existing projects).

Artists practising in a range of art forms will be considered. The settings and conditions are likely to suit in particular: visual artists such as photographers, printmakers, painters, sculptors and installation artists and other creators, for example composers, writers, poets, choreographers and film makers.

The limited timeframe and budget may preclude sizable or complex works. Limited work spaces and conditions at some sites may also preclude some media.

Only New Zealand born artists or those with New Zealand residency status practising professionally in New Zealand will be considered. Collaborative applications are welcomed however the fee offered remains the same.


Priority will be given to:

  • artists capable of high quality work
  • artists opting for site specific work – work related to a specific place/feature
  • artists who propose a clear result or outcome from the residency
  • artists who propose a development or departure from his/her previous work
  • artists whose work articulates ‘sense of place’.
  • artists who propose some interaction with others e.g. park visitors, park staff, neighbours, volunteers etc

Priority may be given to:

  • artists who articulate a benefit from being in open air, open space and removed from their normal everyday setting.
  • artists living in the Auckland region or with connections to the Auckland region
  • those who have not previously undertaken a residency.


The 2011 residency is for a minimum of four weeks and a maximum of eight weeks duration. The residency will take place between mid September and mid November 2011.



Free accommodation is available for the duration of the residency (maximum eight weeks).

There are three accommodation sites available in 2011. Artists applying need to indicate their first and second choice. Information and photos of each accommodation option is available on the website.

  1. Tawharanui Bach (Tawharanui Regional Park)
  2. Ferguson House (Mahurangi Regional Park)
  3. Baileys Cottage (Mahurangi Regional Park).

NB: If choosing either of the Mahurangi Regional Park options, the selected artist may also take an opportunity to visit or stay at Vine Cottage for a short period.

The residency sites are not purpose-built for a residency, but they are near spectacular or scenic spots and are in close proximity to the sea.

Power and water costs

Will be paid (within reason) by the Auckland Council.

Artists grant

A grant of $500 (excluding GST) per week will be given to the artist to facilitate the development of his/her works. A bond equivalent to one week’s grant will be with-held until the residency ends, in case of any damage to park property during the artists stay.

Exhibition or reproduction of work

Opportunities for the exhibition and sale of works developed while in residence or afterwards may be offered at the Arataki Visitor Centre (Waitakere Ranges Regional Park) or in other locations subject to negotiation.


Auckland Council staff may provide some assistance with (but will not generally fund) related residency events e.g. a workshop or final performance or exhibition. Park staff will also help facilitate some media coverage and promotion via the website, local newspapers and newsletters.


Regional park staff will provide some basic background information on the park selected before a residency begins and provide some orientation on arrival once selected. Ranger contacts will be provided for emergencies. Copies of park brochures are available.


To apply, see the application information available on the Auckland Council website at www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/arts or contact Sue Hill on 09 426 1200 for application forms

Send your application to:

Michelle Edge

Artist in Residence Co-ordinator

Auckland Regional Parks

Auckland Council

Private Bag 92300

Auckland 1142

Artist in Residence selection process

The selection panel meets twice; to shortlist and then select the artist. At least one external advisor and a park ranger are part of the selection panel. The selection panel may select one or more artists for future residencies from one call for applications. The selection panel’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.



Where family members join the artist all their costs (transport, food etc) and their safety will be the responsibility of the artist. Baileys Cottage is more suited to a single person or couple.

Tools and equipment and materials

Artists will bring with them any tools, materials and equipment they need. Local, found or natural materials should not be used in the art making without prior permission of the park rangers.

Telephone costs

Where land lines are provided the artist will be billed for toll calls made during the residency.

Note that some parts of some parks do not have cell phone coverage.


Artists need to have or arrange their own transport to their selected site.


For safety reasons artists should liaise with park staff when working in more remote parts of parks. Artists need to be comfortable and capable in these conditions and self-sufficient.


The artist must:

  1. Be in residence for the duration of the residency i.e. minimum of our weeks and maximum of eight weeks (consecutively).
  2. Develop the agreed work as outlined in their proposal (or as re-negotiated during the residency).
  3. Cover their own living costs – bring their own food and replenish supplies themselves as needed.
  4. Be self-sufficient; bring with them any tools, materials and equipment they need.
  5. Either:
    a. engage with park visitors at certain pre-agreed time and place or
    b. undertake a workshop or ‘open studio’
    c. present a mini exhibition/performance
  6. Be available for interviews with local media.
  7. Agree to allow Auckland Council to either reproduce or keep one (or more) works for the purposes of interpretation or regional parks promotion. (In some cases the original art work might remain in the place or on the park in which it was created).
  8. Acknowledge the Auckland Council’s support in the artist’s promotional material.
  9. Write a record of the residency experience and be prepared to talk ‘on tape’ for residency promotion or archival purposes.
  10. Comply with park regulations and bylaws (e.g. dogs, fire etc) and respect any cultural heritage sites.
  11. Leave the residency site clean and tidy on completion of the residency.
  12. Be fit and healthy (and declare any known medical conditions when applying for a residency).

Download the application form (pdf, 68 KB)