10 Jun 2022

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2022 Global Digital New Work Fund Results

Results are in for the first round of our new international fund designed to support research, development and/or creation of new artwork in the digital space to be experienced by global audiences.

Our new fund attracted considerable interest with many high calibre applications received, demonstrating the innovative ways artists are working in the digital space for an international context.

We received 45 eligible applications with a total of $3,098,334 requested – six times the available budget. We’ve approved 11 grants totalling $523,172 to support projects by New Zealand artists and practitioners across the three funding pools (General Arts,ngā toi Māori and Pacific Arts).

Results for the round

The 11 grants totalling $523,172 have been offered to support projects broken down as follows:  

  • General Arts:  8 projects totalling $230,882
  • Ngā toi Māori: 2 projects totalling $152,290
  • Pacific Arts: 1 project totalling $140,000


  • New Work grants: 6 projects totalling $474,629 were supported. $2,919,742 was requested by 27 applicants
  • Research grants: 5 projects totalling $48,543 were supported. $178,593 was requested by 18 applicants.

Artists from across artforms and career stages were supported under this new fund. Projects will take place across a wide range of countries and regions including Australia, France, Iceland, the Netherlands, the Pacific Islands, Peru, Taiwan, UK, USA, and many projects will have a wider global reach through online platforms.

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Overall comments

Here we provide an overview of the results of the Global Digital New Work Fund 2022.

This newly established fund offered grants to support artists, practitioners, and arts organisations to research, develop and/or create new work in the digital space to be experienced by a global audience.

Applicants could apply to one of two strands – Research or New Work.  This took into consideration artists who were at different stages of developing digital work, with some at the concept stage and needing support to research and test their ideas while others were ready to create work.

This was an important fund to support artists and practitioners to respond to the global shifts in digital practice and to contribute to sustainable international careers.

We were particularly interested in:

  • projects that fostered experimentation and innovation in the development, creation, distribution, or experience of digital artwork
  • projects where the international presenter, digital platform or collaborator was investing financially in the development or presentation of the digital artwork
  • projects that demonstrated the potential to develop new and on-going international audiences or relationships.

In this round, the strongest applications tended to include:

  • a compelling artistic concept and a clear outline of how digital technologies supported the concept.
  • confirmation of key collaborating partner(s)
  • confirmation of an international presenter or a clear plan of how the work would reach targeted international audiences via digital mediums (for the New Work strand)
  • thorough and accurate budgets, and viable timelines.

About the Global Digital New Work Fund

This fund supports researching, developing and/or creating new artwork in the digital space to be experienced by global audiences. The aim of the fund is to amplify innovative digital arts practice and encourage exploration and experimentation. It does this by supporting the development of new, high-quality digital artwork for global audiences.

More about the Global Digital New Work Fund

We’ll offer a second round of the Global Digital New Work Fund in early 2023. This opens on 7 February 2023 and closes on 3 March 2023.