23 Sep 2015

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Toi Sqwigwialtxw Residency 2016

Deadline extended - Toi Sqwigwialtxw Residency 2016

The Toi Sqwigwialtxw Residency was named to signify the relationship between Māori artists and the Longhouse Education and Cultural Center in Washington State, USA. The name Sqwigwialtxw (pronounced "Squig-foy-out") is the name of the Longhouse in South Puget Sound Salish and means "The House of Welcome". 

The Toi Sqwigwialtxw Residency is an exchange between the Longhouse Education and Cultural Center and Māori Artists. The Residency is managed by Toi Māori Aotearoa and funded by both Creative New Zealand and the Longhouse.  It has been offered biennially to established artists of Māori descent to attend a Residency in North America. 

The residency aims to:

  • Continue the relationship between Creative New Zealand/Toi Māori and the Evergreen State College that provides cultural exchange and professional development opportunities for Māori artists, Native American artists and cultural leaders associated with the Longhouse Education and Cultural Centre.
  • Enhance the knowledge and technical expertise of Native American artists within a given artform.
  • Foster inter-cultural exchange that expands knowledge of Māori and Native American arts and cultures.
  • Broaden and deepen the relationships and networks of indigenous artists of the Pacific Rim.
  • Provide opportunities for the artist-in-residence to network with Native American artists and to learn about their history, culture and arts.
  • Provide the artist-in-residence with an opportunity to undertake a practical project of his/her choosing over the period of the residency.

Want more information?

Below we have more information on the Residency and information on who can apply. 

If you have any questions about the Residency, please contact Deborah Pathak at the Toi Māori Aotearoa office on 04 801 7914 or deborah@maoriart.org.nz. 

Applications are to be emailed to Deborah - deborah@maoriart.org.nz