09 Mar 2011

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Coming Soon Action Blockbuster Comedy Espionage Thriller

The Spy Who Wouldn’t Die Again

He’ll save the world – no worries.


The year is 1985...

America listens to We Are the World and watches WrestleMania while the French plan to bomb a ship in the South Pacific and a team of crack surgeons bomb a polyp in President Reagan’s colon. In Soviet Russia, Mikhail Gorbachev sets about dismantling the apparatus of the state and installing the spare parts in his Lada.

Meanwhile, in a quiet Kiwi shed, a backyard inventor makes a breakthrough that could revolutionise the energy industry, inadvertently turning small-town New Zealand into the hottest battlefield in the Cold War.

Mrs Thatcher urgently dispatches MI6’s most available agent, Stephen St Clair (009) on a desperate mission to stop the technology falling into the wrong hands. But a rogue British agent, ironically with no hands at all, has got there first. And a sultry French spy with her hands over everything threatens to catch 009 with his pants down.

Sex, death, gadgets and some rather hideous prosthetic limbs run amok in this smash hit(man) comedy from multi-award winning theatre-makers, SEEyD.

Always ambitious, always surprising, always exciting, SEEyD is ready to unleash the most spectacular comedy thrill-ride you’ve ever experienced in a theatre. Like an 80’s action blockbuster live on stage, this is theatre on steroids.


Ticket Information

Performing @ Downstage: 31 Mar – 23  Apr

Tickets can be purchased online, by phone at (04) 801 6946 or in person at Downstage’s box office. For up-to-date information visit www.downstage.co.nz

Written by Tim Spite & Gabe McDonnell

Developed by SEEyD Theatre Company in partnership with Downstage