09 Aug 2016

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Survey on copyright – Creative Sector Study

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) is undertaking a study of the role of copyright and registered designs in the creative sector.  The next phase of the study is a survey of sector participants. It’s important that MBIE gets as many responses as possible to get a good picture of copyright use in NZ.  The survey will explore areas such as general awareness of copyright, the different ways that people use their works and people’s experiences with protecting their works.

MBIE are looking for responses from a broad range of people from the creative sector, including those involved in music, software, arts, design, interactive gaming etc.  Survey participation is entirely voluntary and all responses will be kept strictly confidential. 

Start the survey now 

More about the survey on MBIE’s website

Any questions, please email creativesectorstudy@mbie.govt.nz.