29 Jul 2010

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Wellington writer tells how he was inspired by Star Trek

The secrets that inspire and intimidate authors are revealed in a new online journal by participants of Te Papa Tupu, a new writing programme run by the Māori Literature Trust.
Six ambitious writers record their thoughts as they complete their working manuscripts on the Māori Literature Trust’s new website www.mlt.org.nz. The auspicious hopefuls, Jeremy Latimer, Larree Lust, Eru Hart, Jacquie McRae, Mark Sweet and Tania Hinehou Butcher, reveal their experiences of being full-time writers on the six-month programme Te Papa Tupu.

The journal shows some interesting sources of inspiration for some authors. Wellington writer Eru Hart shows how Star Trek changed his perspective about life when a character poignantly reflects that ‘time is the fire we burn’.

‘It roused me out of my stupor. Wellington continued to blur away in cloud and rain outside my window but I felt suddenly clarified: This book would never get written with me on my couch watching re-runs. Time would burn the opportunity away. Day, by week, by month.’

In late June, the writers began work on draft manuscripts that they had always wanted to finish, but never previously had the time. The Māori Literature Trust, with sponsorship from Te Puni Kōkiri, Creative New Zealand and help from Huia Publishers, has given these writers the opportunity to work full-time for six-months on their manuscripts.

Additionally, each writer has a mentor to help sharpen their manuscript. Mentors on the programme include authors and seasoned industry professionals such as Alia Bloom, Renée, Reina Whaitiri, Daisy Coles and Robert Sullivan.

A new entry for each author will be posted each month during the six months of Te Papa Tupu.