14 Jun 2012

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New Zealand International Arts Festival brings $56m to Wellington

The 2012 New Zealand International Arts Festival generated total expenditure in Wellington City of $56 million, a $17 million increase on the $39 million generated by the 2010 Festival, according to a new BERL economic survey.

The $56 million represents expenditure from an estimated 102,000 visitors attending the Festival. They spent across a range of industries including hotels, restaurants and retail and resulted in $28 million in GDP and employment of 362 full-time equivalents for one year, in Wellington City.

In other Festival research, a Nielsen audience study shows 92% of people who attended the 2012 Festival rated it positively – the highest rating since the 2006 event. The Festival won praise for the range and quality of events and the accessible ticket prices.  The research revealed 54% of visitors who came to Wellington for the Festival were more likely to return to Wellington in the future.

“These surveys show that the New Zealand International Arts Festival is embraced and celebrated by the public and confirm its economic and cultural importance both to Wellington and New Zealand,” said Festival Executive Chair, Kerry Prendergast.

“The economic impact is good news for Wellington City as every dollar invested generates $29 in expenditure, which is a healthy return on its investment,” she said.

“The Festival continues to stay at the forefront of the arts in New Zealand and through prudent management it remains financially stable in changing economic times. The overall cost of the Festival is $12.7 million and indicative results show that the Festival will break even by 30 June year end, which is a pleasing result,” she said.

Creative New Zealand provided $517,000 in funding for the 2011/2012 New Zealand International Arts Festival.

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