02 Jul 2012

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Changeover concert at New Zealand School of Music

The annual ‘changeover concert’ for the Creative New Zealand/Jack C Richards composer-in-residence at Te Koki, New Zealand School of Music took place on 28 June 2012.

The 2011/2012 composer-in-residence Juliet Palmer farwelled her colleagues and the new composer for 2012/2013, David Downes, introduced himself. 

David intends to use the residency to reset his “creative compass” and focus on pure music-making.  He will live in the former home of composer Douglas Lilburn, a Thorndon property maintained and managed by the Lilburn Residence Trust.

David's music has been commissioned and toured by groups such as The New Zealand Chamber Orchestra, NZTrio, Stroma (NZ), Defying Gravity (Australia), BackBeat (UK) and Strike (NZ). He has also worked alongside a number of notable New Zealand musicians and composers including Mahinarangi Tocker, Zane Te Wiremu Jarvis and NZSM lecturers John Psathas and Jack Body. With the former he co-composed and was part of the team that produced musical ‘soundtracks’ for hugely innovative The Wall and High Ride multimedia experiences featured in ‘OurSpace’ at Te Papa and he worked alongside the latter as music consultant and performer on the award-winning score for Vincent Ward’s acclaimed film Rain of the Children.

Creative New Zealand contributed $25,000 towards the 2012/2013 Creative New Zealand/Jack C Richards composer-in-residence

Former recipients of the residency include: James Gardner (2004-05), Gillian Whitehead (2005-06), Lyell Cresswell (2006-07), Ross Harris (2007-08), Helen Bowater (2008-09), John Rae (2009-10) and Chris Gendall (2010-11), Juliet Palmer (2011-12).