03 Dec 2009

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From New Zealand to Taiwan

<p><em>Moyra Elliott</em></p>

Ceramic lecturer, curator, ex-potter and writer Moyra Elliott received a quick response grant in the first 2009 contestable fundinground ($6,971) to attend a ceramics conference in Phoenix, USA.

She met many industry contacts there, including organisers of the 2010 Taiwan Ceramics Biennalewho invited her to apply for the curatorship of the event. Moyra, who was up against some esteemed competitors, was awarded the official curatorship of the 2010 Taiwan event in July.

This is a major coup for Moyra and the artists she has selected – the three New Zealand ceramic practitioners - Raewyn Atkinson, Tony Bond and Jim Cooper. Her exhibition project Korero and Huihua*: International Ceramics in conversation will take place from 1 July 2010 – 31 October 2010 at the Taipei County Yingge Ceramics Museum.

Moyra says the quick response grant to attend the conference in Phoenix was most useful.

“There I met the folk from Taiwan who were very involved in the selection, as did the other candidates. Proves you just have to put a face to the name and personal contact is all really, despite the internet.”

Moyra, the 2009 Creative New Zealand Craft/Object Art Fellowship recipient, has written widely about New Zealand ceramics. Her proposed project for the fellowship is a book covering the current practice and recent history of studio ceramics in New Zealand since 1980.

This book will continue the story of New Zealand ceramics from where her recent collaborativeproject with Dr Damian Skinner, Cone Ten Down- a history of studio ceramics 1945-1980, ends. (Cone Ten Down- a history of studio ceramics 1945-1980 is published by David Bateman Ltd and was released in June this year).

It has been a successful year for Moyra who was also awarded the 6th Goodman Suter Contemporary Art Project for 2010/11 as well as presenting a paper to the Australian Ceramics Conference last July.

*[Korero - Maori for conversation, an exchange of views. Huihua is the literal pronunciation for communication in Mandarin.]

The quick response grant is one of the contestable funding options offered by Creative New Zealand. Click here to find out more about contestable funding for 2010.