02 May 2018

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Creative New Zealand publishes investment strategy for next five years

An investment strategy to shape Creative New Zealand’s overall arts investment over the next five years has been agreed by the Arts Council.

The Investment Strategy Te Ara Whakamua 2018–2023 will guide Creative New Zealand’s investment from 2018/19 with the aim of ensuring the agency builds an investment portfolio to meet the future needs of the arts in Aotearoa.

In September the Arts Council of Creative New Zealand announced it would invest $42.9 million in the 2017/18 financial year and had agreed a draft budget of $43.8 million for the 2018/19 financial year.  A recent significant improvement in Lotto NZ profits now means the Arts Council can invest more across all Creative New Zealand’s programmes.

Over time, Creative New Zealand’s investment will better reflect the diversity of New Zealand’s population and its arts practices. The reach of that investment is also expected to be extended to make arts attendance and participation accessible to more communities.

The council undertook to develop and publish an investment strategy to give the arts sector and other arts investors greater clarity on the direction of Creative New Zealand’s funding.

What’s in the strategy and how will it work?

The strategy includes seven investment principles and three features that will guide Creative New Zealand investment choices across all its programmes and initiatives (grouped into eight investment categories).

The strategy identifies specific areas which will be maintained, where further development is needed, and the actions Creative New Zealand will take.

The features are to achieve:

  • diversity and reach
  • dynamic arts
  • a resilient arts sector.

The principles are to ensure:

  • investment has a clear and relevant value proposition*
  • investment delivers to long-term cultural, economic and social value
  • investment recognises in the arts the role of Māori as tangata whenua and advances ngā toi Māori
  • investment recognises and advances the arts of the Pacific Island peoples of New Zealand
  • investment reflects the demography of New Zealand
  • investment maintains and develops key arts infrastructure, complementing that supported by local and central government as well as the private sector
  • investment is grown through partnerships and co-investment with other arts and community funders in New Zealand and internationally.

* The value proposition is the benefit that will be achieved for all New Zealanders in support of our strategic outcomes: Greater public engagement with the arts and Stronger arts communities, artists and organisations.

What will the strategy mean for my organisation?

Changes resulting from the investment strategy will take place over the next two years and affect all Creative New Zealand’s programmes as they are aligned to the strategy.

In 2018 Creative New Zealand will review the Toi Tōtara Haemata (Tōtara) and To Uru Kahikatea (Kahikatea) investment programmes to align it to the strategy. Changes will take effect from 1 January 2020. A discussion paper will be published on Monday 14 May and feedback invited by Friday 29 June. 

The Grants investment category (Arts Grants, Quick Response, and other opportunities, eg residencies and fellowships) and the Creative Communities Scheme will be reviewed during 2018/19, with any changes expected to take effect from 1 July 2019.

Other investment categories such as the International and Capability Building programmes will also be reviewed to align with the strategy.

The Arts Council of New Zealand Investment Strategy Te Ara Whakamua 2018–2023 and supporting documents are available on the Creative New Zealand website.